Healing is Possible at Every Moment | Thich Nhat Hanh, 2013.03.10


The text is from under the video in YouTube: There is no way to healing, healing is the way. In our daily life we may have small sufferings and as time goes by they may become blocks of suffering in us. We need to recognise this suffering in us. Every breath can bring healing, every step can bring healing. We are able to transform our suffering into peace and joy.

Stopping is very important in our practice. If we can stop, healing will take place right away. Stop doing what brings us suffering, anger and despair. The moment you decided to stop, you feel very light. And the practice of Five Mindfulness Trainings is crucial to our healing. 

Can you create a moment of happiness? Through the practice of mindfulness, we are capable to create moments of joy and happiness in our daily life. Take an example, to cook soup we need water, vegetables, tofu. And most of us are capable to cook good soup. To create a moment of little happiness is like that. With some ingredients, we are capable of creating moments of happiness for us and for the others. You need to learn how to create moments of happiness, and to savour moments of little happiness in our daily life. 

We practice to stop our NST Non-Stop Thinking Radio, the discourse going on inside us. Stop in order to feel what is happening in the here and now; to feel what is happening in the here and now in order to stop. To feel your body, to be aware of each feeling and to embrace them. We do not chew again and again our sorrow, fear and anger, that is not good for our health. We offer ourselves healthy nutriments. We learn how to walk, sit, eat, do things in our daily life happily and joyfully. Any moment of practice can heal and can help heal other people. 

(This is the talk of Thay given on the Daffodil Festival Day of Mindfulness in the Dharma Cloud Temple of Plum Village, France) Help us caption & translate this video!