*The injection can seriously injure or kill the injected.

*The injection doesn´t prevent the SARS-CoV-2 virus infection.

*The injected can infect others.

*The injected can get more serious disease from SARS-CoV-2 virus as well as from other pathogens.

*It is an experimental gene technological injection, not a traditional vaccine.

*These gene technological injections include toxic lipid nanoparticles. They induce the human cells to produce toxic spike proteins that accumulate in the organs.

*The longterm effects of these injections are unknown to everybody.

All the preceding medical facts can be found from the peer reviewed articles and research papers of researchers independent of the money coming from the pharmaceutical companies. They are, of course not, reported by the main stream media.
All the voices divergent from the main stream are censored effectively in the main stream media, as well as in the internet, among other things through Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
Part of the facts is even found on the web pages of the authorities.


*There is no real pandemic! The overall death rate has not at all been elevated in Finland during this so called pandemic. But the overall death rate has alarmingly started to go up after introduction of booster shots in the summer 2021. The accelerating rise in the overall death rate is seen especially in countries where the vaccination coverage is most extensive.  It is known that COVID-19 disease is not more dangerous than normal influenza for those under 70. Most of the people get a mild disease. There wouldn´t be a world wide pandemic if WHO hadn´t redefined the criteria for the dangerousness of a pandemic in 2009. 

Coronavirus restrictions have caused more harm than good.

*These gene tchnological injections are inefficient, useless and really dangerous! They consist of toxic lipid nanoparticles that are not meant to be used in humans(!) and they induce the production of toxic spike proteins in the cells. The contents of these "vaccines" goes very fast into the blood stream and the German Professor Dr Burkhardt has found in his pathological research that there are also unknown metallic particles in the "vaccines".  Independent researchers like the Spanish Professor Dr Pablo Campra and Dr Andreas Noack who was murdered just hours after publishing his latest video about graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide, have examined the contents of the "vaccine" vials and found graphene hydroxide that is very damaging to the human body. Also Richardo Delgado Martin, the founder of the La Quinta Columna -site (in Eglish The Fifth Column), was talking about graphene (the graphene oxide) in the vaccines in a video dubbed in English that got censored Dec. 27, 2021 by Google. That video was very important and informative. Most striking revelations in the video were the possibility of neuromodulation in humans through the graphene oxide nanoparticles in the body with help of 5G networks, and that not only in the "vaccines" but also in corona masks and corona test swabs there are graphene oxide nanoparticles! This graphene oxide/graphene hydroxide research and -discussion needs to be followed very carefully.

*Uppdate to the "graphene discussion" Nov 10, 2022: Some doctors and researchers are of the opinion that the graphene research is taking far too much attention away from more essential things like the clear harmful immunological effects of these gene-based injections and the irrefutable histopathological evidence of causality that can be found in autopsies carried out in a right way.



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