Future Science – The Wave Genome – Quantum Holography of DNA with Ulrike Granögger


Tähän videoon on piakkoin tulossa laatimani SUOMENKIELINEN TEKSTITYS!  Olen myös julkaissut oman videoni "Uusi paradigma - Henkistieteellinen synteesi", jossa tiivistetysti referoin tätä Ulrike Granöggerin hienoa videota. Katso https://rumble.com/v13ik8z-5-2-uusi-paradigma-henkistieteellinen-synteesi-nina-kristiina-honkanen.html 

In my opinion (NinaKH) this is a mind blowing video about the future science, the science of Love and Light. Imagine where we would be right now if we could have used applications of such discoveries for treating the SARS-CoV-2 virus infection instead of using the dangerous mass injections that manipulate our genetic code and cause unpredictable consequences for both us and the future generations?

The text is from under the video in YouTube: Chapter list: 0:00:00 Introduction to the viewer 0:05:35 Table of contents 0:06:48 Part 1: Standard ideas about the genetic code 0:09:54 What the old paradigm cannot explain 0:13:44 New paradigm emerging 0:15:43 [Insert: Recommended viewing of lecture by Prof. David Tong https://youtu.be/zNVQfWC_evg] 0:15:54 Alexander Gurwitsch - ultraweak cell radiation 0:17:03 Fritz A. Popp - Biophotons, laser light from the cell 0:24:40 Part 2: Vlail P. Kaznacheev - "Cytopathic mirror effect" 0:27:11 Peter Gariaev - Quantum holography of DNA 0:30:31 Quantum entanglement and possible teleportation of DNA 0:32:47 Quantum coherence, Fröhlich condensate (BEC), Mae-Wan Ho 0:36:24 Coherence and possible superconductivity in microtubules 0:38:31 Fourth phase of water, liquid crystal gels 0:41:05 Elmar Fuchs and Jakob Woisetschläger - water electricity, "floating water bridge" 0:43:55 Metamaterials, hydro-gel nanoparticles, photonic crystals 0:44:51 DNA fractal antenna 0:48:53 Guido Ebner & Heinz Schürch - biological time regression 0:53:38 Part 3: Introduction to Linguistic genetics 0:56:07 DNA and Language - CGR, fractal DNA 1:01:52 Homonymy and synonymy in triplet coding 1:04:17 Context-dependency, Zipf's law, DNA like human language text 1:08:22 Fractal language structure and AI, computational linguistics, Blue Brain project 1:12:30 Modulate DNA by language, need for a 'higher linguistics' 1:15:19 Part 4: Experiments 1:15:52 Gariaev - Laser modulation by DNA 1:20:26 Gariaev - Remote pancreas healing of rats 1:23:23 Excerpt of Gariaev lecture in Austria 2012 1:27:02 Regeneration of Chernobyl seeds, and reversal of spinal cord injury 1:30:14 'Materialising' DNA in water - Luc Montagnier 1:33:57 'Audio transfer' of DNA 1:35:16 Tsian Kanchzhen - Biography 1:38:50 Tsian Kanchzhen - Biotron microwave experiments 1:45:10 Conclusion and Biography