Dr. Jessica Rose on adverse vaccine reactions from myocarditis to women's reproductive health


Dec. 14, 2021 Tamara Ugolini (Rebel News) interviews Doctor Jessica Rose, who has not succumb to the mass hysteria propaganda that pushes profits to Big Pharma. Trailer on YouTube above and the video on Rebel News below.

Dr. Jessica Rose has a Post Doctorate in both Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She has a PhD in Computational Biology and a Masters in Immunology, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics. These modalities have given her a solid base in which she uses to deep dive into VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) reports and provide data analysis surrounding the adverse events profile of the COVID injectables.

We quickly touch on the paper Dr. Rose wrote about adverse event analysis and causation, how close temporal proximity is a strong indicator of causal relationship. Dr. Rose also mentions the paper in which she co-authored with Dr. Peter McCullough - in which they found a 19x risk of myocarditis in males aged 12-15 post injections - that was conveniently scrubbed from publication five days before she was set to present the findings to the FDA approval committee for 5- to 11-year-olds.

We also discuss the not-often-heard-of issues regarding women's reproductive health. Namely, that there are VAERS reports of 92, 93 and 94 year old women spontaneously menstruating post injection.

Dr. Rose mentions a study out of Japan, which shows that the spike protein circulates throughout the blood and accumulates in various organs, including the ovaries.

In closing we discuss phylotree interpretation of the COVID variants and how they appear to have emerged after mass injection roll out, which could indicate that it's the injected responsible for these variants.