#1 World Wide Prayer Initiative - 2022 | Dec. 6th 2021 Nina Kristiina Honkanen


I have HIGH HOPES that this World Wide Prayer Initiative - 2022 for Stopping Evil Forces and Healing Humanity will spread like a WILDFIRE all around the globe! But I need your help in spreading this Message of Peace and Preparation!

A shortened version of the video is in YouTube and the whole video can again be seen in TokenTube that was out of use from April 25, 2022, but is functioning again.

The idea of the WWPI - 2022:
*You who are watching this video, spread it, spread it, spread it to as many people as possible!

*As many of you as possible make your own short prayer video to YouTube and/or TokenTube in your own language in any which way you want but write somewhere the Lightcode WWPI-2022 (World Wide Prayer Initiative - 2022) so we will get to see how this "Lightcode" of our collective prayer spreads all over the world.

*You who see any of these WWPI-2022 videos, spread them to as many people as possible!

*I would like to do now and then also a World Wide Prayer Initiative - 2022 live stream video ... so please, stay tuned on my YouTube and TokenTube channels about the dates.

*And please, any one of you, anywhere in the world, belonging to any religious or spiritual community or not belonging to any groups, feel free to organise WWPI - 2022 events in all imaginable ways to activate people of the world to understand what is the most important thing in this challenging time: We together are the WAY, we are the TRUTH and we are the LIFE when we collectively connect with the Christ Consciousness.

Together with the Forces of the LIVING LIGHT we will STOP the Evil Forces and HEAL humanity.